I live in Sausalito which is near the Marin Headlands. The Headlands are close to the city, but at the lower elevations, all you see are hills, trails, brush, wild flowers, a few trees, and the coyotes, quail, rabbits, snakes, cougars and bobcats who live here. Often the clouds envelop and you can climb into them for miles before descending to the small beaches at the base of majestic cliffs.

I love to run and hike in this magical land where I can spend hours upon hours. It’s a fruitful environment for my drawing. I take photos with my iPhone of places that speak to me and I download some to my desktop computer. From there I make a pencil sketch and from that, a drawing in pen and ink.

I thank the stars for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A peaceful oasis away from the concrete traffic choked jumble with its stress and artificial light .

The Gallery below contains samples of my recent work. Click on each thumbnail for an expanded view and to cycle through.

Prices for the pieces in this gallery range from $300 to $1.000. Please send me an inquiry using the contact form below and I’ll respond with the availability of the piece(s) you’re interested in. Note that I’ll hand deliver the art within the San Francisco Bay Area.